To FREE or not to FREE

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I just read a post at Healthcare Technology Online called The Truth Behind “free” EHRs. I posted a response to this article on their site, but it is still waiting to be reviewed before it goes live. I the mean time, I’ll give a synopsis and my feeling on the topic. The above mentioned article Read More

The Tax Man Commeth

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Our government is hurting for money…of course when does it not want more money. Remember at the height of the real estate bubble? Local governments wanted to raise property taxes to get them “more inline with their market value.” Then the real estate market tanked, and took the economy with it. Now local governments want Read More

Whistle Blower vs. Auditor

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Whistleblower or Auditor…which is scarier? In the news right now is the release by WikiLeaks of all sorts of classified government documents. How did WikiLeaks get all of this information? It appears an Army Private who was an Intelligence Specialist made copies of this information and is handing it over to WikiLeaks. Why would he Read More

Meaningful Use Explained?

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Isn’t it exciting when the government finally explains rules they set forth ? Isn’t it great when the government clearly and concisely details for all to understand the hoops that must be jumped through in order to receive money promised? I speak of course about the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act Read More

The $600 Hiccup

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Ah the joy of our new health care rules. When the government isn’t reducing reimbursement rates, threatening to take back money already paid to you (via a RAC audit) or hanging huge fine threats over your head if you don’t follow privacy rules (HIPAA)…they sneak in a nifty little (additional) paperwork pothole. With the passage Read More