Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Remember these posters from World War II? No, no…I don’t expect you around then, but you’ve probably seen a few of these, in fact I went out and found one. It is not unusual to hear about somebody “tweeting” something they should not have. In The Wall Street Journal, and article about an executive at Read More

Facebook and the Placenta

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It is one thing to screw up due to ignorance…Stupidity is an entirely different situation. I’ve written about many idiotic circumstances, most of the time it is people doing dumb things, usually because they don’t know any better or they didn’t really think things through. Now we have this: the Kansas City Star (a newspaper) Read More

Meaningful Use Explained?

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Isn’t it exciting when the government finally explains rules they set forth ? Isn’t it great when the government clearly and concisely details for all to understand the hoops that must be jumped through in order to receive money promised? I speak of course about the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act Read More

De-Identified Health Information

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What does it take for PHI to not be PHI? Glad you asked…though in reality for a practice, this will not come up much, it is good to have an idea of what make a patient’s information PHI and therefore covered under HIPAA. Key Points: De-identified health information, as described in the Privacy Rule, is Read More