Kept Clients in Dark

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You certainly don’t want your practice name to precede that headline in your local news paper. __________Kept Clients in Dark No two ways about it that is BAD. Yet we have major players screwing up seemingly straight forward issues. Sony with the (repeated) PSP hacks Weinergate – need I say more? Now we have Citibank Read More

Twitter Photos Spell Twouble

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Twitter can already get you in trouble quickly: tweet-before-you-think syndrome affects many. Now that pictures will be added for ultra-quick embarrassment, my guess is we’ll see plenty more embarrassment to come. As reported on Cnet, Twitter Photos will be “…organized around conversations….” From a medical practice perspective, you need to ensure you squash this before Read More

28 Hospital Employees Given Early Vacation

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Not really a vacation, they were FIRED. Allina hospital in Minneapolis fired 28 employees who “were found to have violated the federal patient privacy rule known as HIPAA” as reported by the StarTribune paper. “Although they were patient-care providers, none of them were caring for the 11 people hospitalized.” This clarifies it was not accidental Read More

Ban Facebook at Work

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If you really need another reason to ban Facebook in your office, here you go: Doesn’t this just make you want to click on that shortened link? Aren’t you just curious to see who is viewing your Facebook info? Oops, that link doesn’t do what you thought…in fact, if you were to click on it, Read More

Dropbox HIPAA Compliance

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There seems to be a flurry of activity about whether a cloud storage service called DropBox is HIPAA compliant or not. On the surface it appears that DropBox would be HIPAA compliant. As their site states: “All transmission of file data occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL).” “All files stored on Dropbox are encrypted (AES-256)” Read More