Emory Data Breach, Same Old Excuses

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Does anyone know the #1 reason for a PHI data breach? That’s right, a lost or stolen storage device that is not encrypted. Follow on question: what is the only Safe Harbor for a lost or stolen storage device? Encryption! So, the worst offender is an un-encrypted storage device, yet one of the easiest things Read More

Rinky Dink Backup

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Recently I spoke with a local “tech guy” who was explaining how he arranged off site backup for clients. His “system” involved using two other clients’ servers. With his client’s permission he would backup offices to the two client’s different servers. In his mind this took care of off site backup. It was all I Read More

1.7 Million Patient’s Data Stolen in NY

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This is horrendous. 1.7 million people in NYC have now had their data stolen. ========= How did this happen? ========= The hospital makes backup tapes of its computers then has the shipped off site. On the surface this seems smart: Backup computers – SMART Store backup off site – SMART Transfer backup data in non-secure Read More

5000+ Patient Data Theft

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John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA had 2 laptops stolen that contained person and health information on 5,450 patients. As is required, the Hospital sent letters to all 5,450 patients telling them of the theft. John Muir Health vice president and privacy officer, Hala Helm, says the laptops were password-protected and contained data in Read More

Data Stolen on 9000

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In a “domestic burglary”, the personal information on 9000 students was stolen from a city counselman’s home. What was done right? The hard drive on the stolen laptop was encrypted. What was done wrong? “data stored on the CD ROMs and memory sticks included Surname, Forename, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Postcode, Phone number, UPN Read More