What’s Your Fax Process?

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Part of ensuring your practice runs like a well oiled machine is having processes in place for every little item so everyone know how things should work. This helps standardize training. This helps you operate in a HIPAA compliant manner. Even the most mundane items need to have a proper process in place these days. Read More

Treat this Rash

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There has been a rash of major websites being hacked recently, and the ointment to soothe this rash for you is to be proactive. Sure this may not directly deal with HIPAA issues, but in the bigger picture I’ll show you how you should respond to these issues, while showing you that this could be Read More

How Secure is Secure?

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Just like the fax machine is antiquated, so is the “ambulance chasing attorney”…the new version of this attorney is the “PHI breach chasing attorney.” At the most basic level HIPAA regulations allow for sending PHI via the mail,or the equivalent (a courier/FedEx/UPS), or fax. There is some thick irony when the antiquated technology of the Read More

Why You Should be Scared

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Up to this point, most private practice physicians treat HIPAA compliance as…”something we’ll get to.” Most docs think their practice is compliant…they are wrong. I’ve mentioned before the threat of lawsuits and now this article. If this quote doesn’t send chills up your spine, then I don’t know what will: ““The privacy data breach area Read More

Google is Dangerous

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This is for the paranoid out there, and if you are a physician, you need to be paranoid about how your practice handles patient health information (PHI). Cloud computing is the hip, in-thing right now. Cloud storage is where things can get tricky…note: you better have a HIPAA office policy on this matter. What is Read More