Wi-Fi Security

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In the process of accomplishing well over 100 risk assessments, one of the items that is often given “lip service” is wireless network security. At its most basic level, securing a wireless network means assigning a password to the network so not-just-anybody can access the network. Whether this be at the office or a staff Read More

A Downfall of Giant PHI Databases

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As we are pushed to put all of our medical records in electronic form, we open ourselves up to new issues. This headline is what we can expect to see more of in the future: GE Healthcare Admits Sending NHS Patient Data To US NHS IT Provider says 600,000 patients have no need to worry Read More

The Healthcare Time Bomb: HIPAA 5010

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There is a “Time Bomb” ticking in the healthcare industry that is more important that the crazy healthcare debates that is taking place in Congress. This revolves around the ability to get medical billing to the insurer for reimbursement and receiving successful payment. This is the process that if not done properly in January 2011, Read More

HIPAA 5010 Clarified

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What you should know about HIPAA 5010. HIPAA 5010, more formally transaction code set 5010, or as it is officially called: Accredited Standards Committee X12 005010 Technical Report Type 3s, is something that your EHR/PM vendor needs to deal with, though there is a coding side to this that must also be addressed. You should Read More