Easy is Usually Not Secure

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I’m really going to talk about Dropbox and the recent security issue they had, but before that I want to illustrate something. When I speak with medical offices about reducing the risk of a PHI breach I generally hear lots of frustration on the other side. I get it. Let’s look at this from a Read More

Rabbit Disaster Plan

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Nope, this isn’t a quick response disaster plan. ****If you are drinking something right now, do not take a sip while reading the next line**** This is a federally mandated requirement that magicians…that’s right magicians… have a disaster plan in place IF they use a live rabbit in their act. I’m going to let that Read More

Why You Should be Scared

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Up to this point, most private practice physicians treat HIPAA compliance as…”something we’ll get to.” Most docs think their practice is compliant…they are wrong. I’ve mentioned before the threat of lawsuits and now this article. If this quote doesn’t send chills up your spine, then I don’t know what will: ““The privacy data breach area Read More

HIPAA Whistleblowers

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Just like in any profession, there is a desire by the government to have whistle-blowers. A whistle-blower makes the job of policing much easier for the government. The whistle-blower will get job protection (if they want to stay on) and typically a percentage of any fines.  Remember, HIPAA fines can be huge! Let’s take a Read More

The Fire Upstairs

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Imagine this: you pull up to your office in the morning to see fire trucks putting out a fire in the office above yours. As you arrive, the flames are gone, but there is still smoke and steam coming from the building. You look around and notice that the fire never made it to your Read More