Facebook Video Scam

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Do you remember our post about the Facebook Password scam? It really doesn’t take much to trick people when it comes to computers. The fancy word for this is “social engineering”. This is another one of those reason why your office should ban access to all social media networks in your office. Do you really Read More

Voicemail Hacking

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Some big news being talked about right now is how a UK newspaper hacked into the voice mail of certain people and gained slimy news from this access. How the heck does this happen? It is actually quite easy…unfortunately. Typically, when one checks voice mail from the cell phone they either don’t need to input Read More

Kept Clients in Dark

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You certainly don’t want your practice name to precede that headline in your local news paper. __________Kept Clients in Dark No two ways about it that is BAD. Yet we have major players screwing up seemingly straight forward issues. Sony with the (repeated) PSP hacks Weinergate – need I say more? Now we have Citibank Read More

5 Things After a Breach

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Many times it is the after-incident response by an individual or company that dictates how the public reacts to the issue. A few notable incidents include: Toyota and the “run away” accelerator issue The Sony Playstation data breach LastPass possible breach The first two above where handled in what most might call the “typical big Read More

Dropbox HIPAA Compliance

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There seems to be a flurry of activity about whether a cloud storage service called DropBox is HIPAA compliant or not. On the surface it appears that DropBox would be HIPAA compliant. As their site states: “All transmission of file data occurs over an encrypted channel (SSL).” “All files stored on Dropbox are encrypted (AES-256)” Read More