Copy Machine Violations

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HIPAA Violations in Your Copy Machine? Bryan Malatesta, CPA iTotal Does your practice use a copy machine? Do you ever make copies of patient information? If so, there is a good chance that your practice could be setting itself up for a violation of the HIPAA laws! Let me explain using the following simple Read More

HIPAA Delayed Compliance…Increased Breaches

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A recent national survey* of Hospital Compliance Officers shows concrete data confirming what we see every day in private practices. Compliance with HIPAA is miserably low. Some survey numbers are below, but first some clarity. This survey was of hospitals. More specifically, large organizations that have lots of money to pay people, like Hospital Compliance Read More

Erase Hard Drive for HIPAA

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Often, when I tell my children what I want them to do, I get the blank stare and head nod. More recently, any time I speak to my children I require the following: Pause your video game Look me in the eye. Don’t act like my children on this subject. First, another report of stolen Read More

Student Personal Data Stolen

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Over 3.3 Million people with student loans had their personal data stolen recently, to include Names, Addresses and Social Security numbers. This isn’t the first time people’s data has been stolen from student loan companies. As noted in the WSJ article, this isn’t the first time this has happened: The student-loan market has battled data Read More