Simple Self Assessment explained. Heading toward Meaningful Use.

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Security reminders are just that, a refresh of the annual HIPAA awareness training (you are doing this, correct?).

This is big.  Again, HIPAA required…Business smart.

How shall you accomplish this?

Bulletin board in the break room or main office is a start.

This “HIPAA Board” should contain as a minimum:

  • On “org chart” showing who is in charge of HIPAA
  • Emergency contact phone numbers
  • The HIPAA Breach checklist
  • Changing HIPAA security reminders

The other great option, which requires less work, is to have Security Reminders sent to your staff by email…monthly…automatically.

This is tracked, also, so you can “prove” it is happening to that auditor.

This is integrated with iMedical Training’s Annual HIPAA Awareness Training…go check it out.