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This is big.  Again, HIPAA required…Business smart.

If your office has less than about 5 computers, and no server, getting something “basic” like AVG will suffice. (go to our resources page to see some options CLICK HERE).

If you have more computers & a server, get something more robust.
(see options on our Resources Page CLICK HERE)

Don’t worry about the power of “basic” vs. “robust”.
All the anti-virus software on our resources page works just fine in the detection & squashing of viruses.

The big difference between the two groups is how software manages your computers.

Anti-virus in the basic group won’t have a server specific version. This typically means that it can not manage the anti-virus all of the computers on your network. It is nice to have centralized management of your anti-virus definitions when you have numerous computers.

Either way, make sure of the following:

  • Virus definitions are updated daily
  • Full computer scans are run daily

To prevent computer slow downs, be sure that the definition updates occur in the middle of the night, say 2am. Also ensure your full scans occur after business hours. Best to be right after the virus definition update, say 2:30 am.