Simple Self Assessment explained.  Heading toward Meaningful Use.

If you did not get the Simple Self Assessment spreadsheet in the last email, click here to download it.

OK, you’ve had a few days since receiving your Simple Self Assessment…how is progress coming along?

We understand this can seem overwhelming…and this is our “watered down” self assessment.

But don’t let this be discouraging.

We take this monstrosity and break it down into easily understandable pieces.

Let’s take a moment and remember what this is all about.

The purpose of a risk assessment is to get a clear picture of where your office stands.
Where you fall short is important to know so you can implement policies and fixes to get back into compliance.

This is not about whether you trust your employees.
This is not about whether you feel bad by removing certain access to your system from someone who has been with you for 15 years.

This is about managing risk, and managing your liability.  If you don’t have the policies in place, HIPAA compliant policies, then you are leaving yourself open to risk and that increases your liability.