Who makes a good fit as a reseller of our HIPAA products?

First, realize this:
You don’t have to understand HIPAA.
You don’t have to understand technology.

All you need is access private practice physicians, dentists, chiropractors, etc.

If You are:

  • In the medical industry
    • CPAs who deal with physicians
    • Consultants of all kinds
    • Transcriber
    • IT support
    • etc.
  • One who attends medical conventions, users groups, etc
  • A local/regional medical associations

Then you are a good fit as one of our product resellers.

To become a product reseller, you must apply.
We will then contact you to ensure you are a good fit.
Finally, upon acceptance to our program, you will be enrolled and receive as much training as you desire to become a great representative for our products.

To start, fill out the form below.