The end is near!

There is panic in the streets!

It feels like that scene from Airplane.

Don't Panic about Attesting

The CGHN has recently reminded you that you need to ATTEST for Meaningful Use Stage 1.

Have you started tracking?

Do you know what to do?

Who’s desk did you plop this project on?

The actual last day to start tracking is October 3.

If you start on October 3, that is less than optimal, but still something that can be accomplished.

In order to ensure you can ATTEST quickly, we have put together a Meaningful Use Boot Camp.

Who is this for?

Private Practice Physicians who need to ATTEST for Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

Who can do the Boot Camp?

We designed the Boot Camp so any staff member in your office can attend and accomplish ATTESTATION.
BUT – this person must have full authority from the managing physician to do what is need to ATTEST.

What will I get?

Our Meaningful Use Boot Camp includes:

  • Instant download of required HIPAA policies to ATTEST
  • Instant download of required Risk Analysis
  • Instant download of our “Immediate Action Steps” (these must be accomplished before the first boot camp webinar
  • 4 – 2 hour “Boot Camp Sessions” where each office will be hand-held in the processes needed to properly ATTEST

How do I get Started?

Hard Drive Encryption - Add to Cart

Click here to purchase the boot camp


Meaningful Use Attestation is a requirement for you to receive your HITEC Act reimbursement money.  Attestation is in 4 Stages.  Currently Stage 1 is available for ATTESTATION.  In order to attest in 2011 you must begin tracking by October 3.  This is because you may not track into the new year.  If you are not able to attest in 2011, you may still attest in 2012 with not penalties, though there are a few more requirements that make attesting more challenging.  It is absolutely in your best interest to attest in 2011.


Med Tech USA, LLC is a local Macon, GA company that strives to simplify the craziness of Meaningful Use Attestation and HIPAA Compliance.