Start with a Simple Assessment,

This will give you the BIG picture…

…AND How to fix things fast.

Meaningful Use is a big confusing bureaucratic ball-of-wax.

“They” have snuck in what appears to be a little bit of HIPAA…Only…

…That little bit grows quickly — and can get complex.

Yes, but I have a CCHIT MU Certified EHR, I’m done, right?

Nope, you are about 55% of the way there…you have plenty more to do.

We have simplified the process so it is easy to understand.

It all starts with a basic Risk Assessment.

We created the Simple Self Assessment to help ease you into this.
Other parts of the Core Objectives regarding HIPAA include:

  • Risk Analysis…
  • Risk Management…
  • Sanction Policy…
  • Information System Activity Review…

The list goes on…and can get overwhelming.

But we make getting this HIPAA side of Meaningful Use straight forward and understandable.

Where to begin?

Our Simple Self Assessment is the place to start.

20 simple questions to give you an understanding
of what is going on and where you should focus your attention.