This “Email Only” option is for the office that just doesn’t want to mess with a web page right now.

Many times we’ll see this is a smaller practice, or one that is still in the “paper world” and hasn’t stepped into the cyber world yet.

No problem, baby steps are fine.

This is “just” email, but just email is rather powerful.

Your own email ads:

  • Professional look
  • Constant branding
  • Full control

The important thing to note is HIPAA compliance demands that every person in your office that may use a computerized system that requires a username and password.

Email Only: $15/month or $150/year paid in advance (that is 2 months free!)

  • Up to 15 email accounts
  • If you do not already have a website address (URL, domain name), we can purchase one for your.  In this case we will talk with you about what domain name makes sense for your practice and what is actually available.

One more thing to note in regard to HIPAA: this is NOT a secure email system.  Secure email should be a function of your EHR.  That secure email will only be used to communication to patients, not daily business.  Secure email does not take the place of “standard” email and vise versa.