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Lost?  Stolen?

Does it matter?


Hurley Medical Center in Flint Michigan can’t find a laptop that had upwards of 2,000 patients on it.

“The medical center has a policy that laptops must be password protected and have a tracking device…”

Quick reminder – password protection doesn’t mean squat.
You must encrypt!

I am also struck by the remarks made by the CEO specifically, “The laptop did not include Social Security numbers or home addresses”

That’s great, but HIPAA is about PRIVACY.

Sure, identity theft is a byproduct of this, but first and foremost, HIPAA is about Privacy.

Hey Doc, I expect you to keep my records private!

Quit screwing around with technology you don’t understand.

Quit playing with my privacy and get your act together.

Patients need to demand this, because right now…very few doctors take HIPAA seriously.

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