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So long, fare well…
You know the rest.

If you haven’t heard yet, Windows Vista is finally done.

Some goodbyes are difficult. This one, not so much.

It is time to say goodbye Windows Vista.

More than likely you already have.

More realistically I’ll say…hopefully you have moved on from Vista already.

Microsoft has announced that after April 11, 2017, they will no longer support Windows Vista.

No more security updates. No more patches. Nothing.

So, for every office required to be HIPAA compliant, Windows Vista is no longer a viable operating system for you.

Put another way, after today, Windows Vista is not HIPAA compliant.
Any computer you have in your office running Vista needs to be replaced ASAP.
Go on and do this…you’ll be glad you did.

During your annual security risk assessment (if you are not do this…why not?), this should be captured during your computer inventory review.

This topic should also be noted in your HIPAA computer policies. While Windows Vista does not need to be specifically mentioned, your policy need to state that only current and updated operating systems are allowed.

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