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If you’ve ready this blog for any time, you’ll have a pretty good idea that I’m not a fan of BYOD (bring your own device) to work.

When it come to risk reduction and minimizing issues at your office, BYOD is just not your friend.

Here’s another example of why you need to be careful in your office.

Google is introducing something called “Nearby”.
Here’s an article about it.

Its one of those services that Google thinks we need/want to be even more efficient.

In my opinion, it is just another way for Google to snoop and get even more info on us.

What will it do?  Nothing is 100% official yet, but it appears it will be able to automatically turn on:

  • the mic
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • who knows what else to come??

What will Google be able to do?  Well, if the mic can be turned on, “they” can listen…isn’t that enough?

Just a note: on the Apple front, it appears that iOS8 will have the phone mic “always on” to ensure Siri can help you out…before you even ask her.

Let’s be clear: this has not been pushed as a “feature” in Android yet…YET.
When it is, you will be able to disable this function.

Come on John…you’re just being paranoid.

This is true, but this is what I get paid to do…be paranoid about the risks at your office.

Anyway, this is yet another item in your office HIPAA policies that should be addressed.


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