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That’s an apt name…given by the press I believe.

It is a variant of the Wana Decrypt0r malware.

What to know

Do I have it?
Well, it will probably be quite obvious by now if you have it.
But, make sure your anti-virus definitions are current.
Make sure you run scans nightly…not just once a week.

This malware affects Windows XP, which you shouldn’t be using anymore.
It can also affect newer versions of Windows IF…IF you haven’t updated in quite some time.

So, as usual, this attack goes after those who do NOT update their software.
This is rather standard for these attacks.

A few other things make sure of:

  • Anti-virus – You better have it installed on all computers.  Also, run updates daily and full scans daily.  By daily, I really mean each day in the middle of the night when you are not using the computers.
  • Do you have an in-house server? Make sure it get updates in a reasonable amount of time.  It is not unusual to delay updates on servers by a few days or even weeks, but beyond that, you are asking for trouble.
  • Backup – at the very least you server better be backed up daily.  Your computers would be smart also.

I have a few other items that are more IT specific that you will want to pass on to your IT folks.  These items involve firewall settings and a few more intricate Windows settings.


Finally, just be aware.  There will be more of this, there will be copy cats.  This is a part of computing life.

Good policies and procedures, followed by quality HIPAA training is what will keep you out of trouble.

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