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A computer system virus has brought the United Kingdom’s operations to a halt today.


“We have taken the decision, following expert advise, to shut down the majority of our systems so we can isolate and destroy it,” the NHS said, of the unspecified malware infection. “All planned operations, outpatient appointments and diagnostic procedures have been cancelled for Wednesday, Nov. 2 with a small number of exceptions.”

There  is no mention of whether this is a “true” virus or a ransomware situation.

Their website has been updated to show the following message:



So, there is the expectation that things should be normal tomorrow.

What will you do when this happens to your practice?

Will you be able to function at all?

How much will is cost you to: lose all appointments for a day (or two)?  Have an IT firm in to fix the issue?  Restore confidence that your practice knows what they are doing?

You need to have a contingency operations and disaster plan in place.  This should be a well though out plan, not something you found online and prints out to a whole 2 pages.

If you want to learn more about how to build a solid contingency operations and disaster plan, click here.

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