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Twitter can already get you in trouble quickly: tweet-before-you-think syndrome affects many.

Now that pictures will be added for ultra-quick embarrassment, my guess is we’ll see plenty more embarrassment to come.

As reported on Cnet, Twitter Photos will be “…organized around conversations….”

From a medical practice perspective, you need to ensure you squash this before it becomes a problem.

Our suggestion on social media in the practice is not to allow it.
Now you need to really put the brakes on.

To some this seems harsh, “come on, nobody has posted anything that violates HIPAA” – that you know of…yet….

It makes zero sense from a risk perspective to let anybody in your office have access to their social media accounts.

Yes, if social media is part of your marketing strategy, that person in your office in charge of social media can be the exception to the rule, but along with this, you should have a very regimented process of making posts…so there aren’t any tweet-before-you-things posts made.

All of this should be covered and clearly stated in your company computer policy.  Additionally, part of the reminding your staff of the rules process is annual HIPAA awareness training.  This training done properly will cover the pitfalls of social media and reiterate to your staff that it will not be tolerated.

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