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Our government is hurting for money…of course when does it not want more money.

Remember at the height of the real estate bubble? Local governments wanted to raise property taxes to get them “more inline with their market value.”

Then the real estate market tanked, and took the economy with it. Now local governments want to raise property taxes because tax revenue has dropped so much.

You just can’t win for losing.

Another example, New York is going after famous non-NYC residents include Alec Baldwin and Derek Jeter.

But wait, are you telling me Derek Jeter, star New York Yankee…is NOT a resident? That was his tax claim.

Actually, he settled his case “privately” and sold his 5,400 square foot apartment.

Other famous…rich folks who spend a lot of time in NYC are being audited.

Just like this situation, the federal government is ramping up going after physicians.

RAC audits are one example.

Has anyone noticed HHS has hired a “temporary” contractor for HIPAA audits?

If anyone thinks the government won’t come after them because they are a physician, I think they are playing with fire.

Actually, a physicians biggest nightmare if probably…the whistle blower.

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