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Imagine this: you pull up to your office in the morning to see fire trucks putting out a fire in the office above yours.

As you arrive, the flames are gone, but there is still smoke and steam coming from the building.

You look around and notice that the fire never made it to your office.

Whew!  Dodged that bullet.

Or did you.

All of that water the fire department sprayed on the upstairs office has to go somewhere, and most of it came right down into your office.

The fire didn’t take you out.  A flood didn’t take you out.
The results of the fire took you out.

Servers – soaked.

Computers – crapped out.

Heart – stopped…now going again.

Did you ever come up with “that plan”?

You know, that plan required by HIPAA – the Contingency Plan.

Now is when you wish you had that binder to lead you through this disaster.

You mind is running 100 mph – thinking clearly is a bit challenging.

If you had a checklist of exactly what you need to do, this disaster would be much easier to deal with.

Most office treat the Contingency Plan as something they’ll never have to deal with…I mean really, when is the last time a disaster happened to you?

If you weren’t required by law to have car insurance…would you?

Ah, but you are required, just as you are required to have a Contingency Plan, plus…it is smart business.

Typically when we think of disaster, we think of a direct hit to our office.

This is a reminder that the collateral damage from somebody else’s disaster can be just as bad.

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