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It seems that an SVP at Symantec, owner of Norton Antivirus (yes, they invented the sector) has declared antivirus “is dead”.

That is quite the headline, though he goes on to say “We don’t think  of antivirus as a moneymaker in any way.”

Ah, now it is making sense.

That, and two other problems:

  • Microsoft is increasing include virus protection as part of Windows (Windows Essentials)…
  • It is very easy to bypass antivirus software

I’ll leave the first bullet point for others to bounce around.

With that, though, I’d like to address an often commented point: why don’t Apple computers get infected?

Well they do and can.

A reason they don’t have as many issues as a Windows computer is the fact that in the Apple world, you can’t turn off the requirement to type in your password when a program is to be installed.

People turn this off in Windows all the time and then wonder how software gets installed without them knowing.

Even better – most virus and malware issues are actually “invited” in by the user.  We all receive spam, and some of it is good at tricking you into clicking on a link.

That link  may appear to do nothing or that link may take you to a site that asks you to log in.
Both of this scenarios are bad.

Avoiding virus’ and malware is no that difficult.  Here are some tips:

  • Don’t click on links in emails unless you really…really are expecting that email
  • Don’t download anything that has to do with free smileys
  • Don’t download anything that has to do with free computer backgrounds
  • Don’t download anything that says “Your computer is running slow, click here to speed it up”
  • Don’t click on emails that say “a package deliver attempt was made today, click here to see where your package is”

I’ll stop there, but basically, just be careful.


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