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Everyone is itching to have “social media” be a part of their business.

What is social media?  Basically Facebook & Twitter.

Yes, there are others, but these two make up over 80% of the social media universe.

Health Data Management put out a “breaking news” email blast that a vendor would be speaking at HIMSS? later in February.

This urgent news mentions an “about-face” physicians are taking with social media and says it is being embraced.

There is some fact to this, but let’s be clear, social media as marketing is reasonable…though you need to be very careful.

Social media in other fashions for a medical office is dangerous.

Really, what are you going to do, send out Tweets announce who just arrived in your waiting room?

Maybe some wall posts (with pictures) about some of the cases you saw today?

No, this would be idiotic.

Social media is completely opposite of what the HIPAA regulations are about – PRIVACY!

As one who is paid to be paranoid about HIPAA, I don’t like social media as part of any medical practice.

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