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Isn’t it great having a phone that is more powerful than a desktop computer from just a few years ago?

All the information you ever need, right there at your finger tips.

Your smart phone has access to:

  • Your contact list
  • Your home address (a few clicks and a thief can be at your home)
  • Your bank account?
  • Your EHR?
  • What else??

Fortunately you are smart enough to have a password on your phone…right?

Sure you are.

You know that if you didn’t have your phone password protected, not only would all of your personal data be accessible, as mentioned above, but you’d also potentially be violating HIPAA regulations by giving access to your EHR to…whomever.

How many times has your kid finished playing a game on your phone and the next thing you discover is, that while “playing”, your lovely child got bored and decided to look for another game on your phone.

Next thing you know, the ring tone has been changed – your phone is now sitting in your pocket ringing, but you don’t recognize the ring so you don’t even realize that is your phone!

Fortunately, this is a pretty “vanilla” situation.

What if they clicked on your EHR app?

That could get ugly.

You need to make sure your office has an appropriate office policy for remote access to your EHR.

Not only a policy, but everyone needs to be trained on this policy and UNDERSTAND IT!

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