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This first came to light, publicly, on CBS.

Then we wrote about it.

Before this was made public, I had come across the issue of photocopiers storing data in a slightly different way.

A friend had ordered a used photocopier from somebody.
I actually found this somebody in the classified section of the Wall Street Journal.

This photocopier is an elephant – HUGE!

It was a bargain.

It is used, but in good condition.

Well, I showed up to help my friend set this thing up.

As we prepped it, we found some documents on the scanning surface that appeared to be insurance information…yes some personal info.

Once this behemoth was up and running, a quick print of everything in memory yielded many more pages of personal information.

This got the wheels turning, then BLAMO!  CBS had their story on this subject.

The challenge here is two-fold: photocopier services don’t really care about this issue & taking this into your own hands is not very simple.

We do have a solution, though it is not a smooth one, it does work.

Our hard drive eraser wipes any hard drive clean to “secret” levels.
The challenge here is, getting to the hard drive is no simple task.

Finally, a photocopier manufacturer is addressing this issue.

Sharp has what they call a Security Suite.

This is software you purchase from Sharp after you have your Sharp photocopier, that encrypts all data stored on the internal hard drive.

This is by far the best answer to this issue.

If, like most, you lease a photocopier in your office, as of now, demand an Sharp product that is compatible with the Sharp Security Suite.

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