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Recently I spoke with a local “tech guy” who was explaining how he arranged off site backup for clients.

His “system” involved using two other clients’ servers.
With his client’s permission he would backup offices to the two client’s different servers.

In his mind this took care of off site backup.

It was all I could do to stay concious.

One might be able to make the argument that this was acceptable for a standard small business.

I say might as I can see lawyers lining up as accusations of stealing data arise.

This is, quite frankly, a big challenge in the medical world.

Tech guys are problem solvers.
They can re-invent the wheel better than anyone else…I should know…I’m a tech guy.

Prior to getting involved with HIPAA, I had a similar off site backup system, only I kept the data stored on my business server in my office, not on a client’s server.

But…once you decide to take HIPAA seriously, it is time to step away from the kiddy play.

No more “that will work” solutions.

You either do it right or you risk huge fines…and great embarrassment.

This is where Compliant Backup comes in.

100% HIPAA compliant.

100% of everything is taken care of for you.

Storage is in a real data warehouse – with high level physical security, fully encrypted storage, power backup, fire suppression…the works.

This data warehouse is actually 2 different data warehouses in 2 different states.

“Ya, but a local guy can…”
Even though Compliant Backup is not “local”, they feel like they are local.

All you data can be shipped to you on a hard drive over night.

They can remote into your system to make settings changes.

They can supervise the recovery of your data.

They can’t setup a new server for you.

It comes down to this: either you take HIPAA & the survival of your business seriously…or you don’t.

If you do not, then keep using that rinkydink backup system.

If you do take HIPAA and the survival of your business seriously, then talk to Compliant Backup.

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