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…From your Windows computers.

Apple’s Quicktime for Windows software is not longer supported, so it needs to be removed from your computers.

Many of you probably don’t even realize you have Quicktime on your computers.

But if any Apple software has been installed on your Windows computer, chances are real good that Quicktime was also installed…yes this means if you ever installed iTunes, you probably also have Quicktime installed.

Why does this matter?

Part of the HIPAA requirements are that the software used be up-to-date with system patches and updates.

Since Apple not longer supports Quicktime, these updates will no longer occur.  Also, it is noted on this TSA page where the TSA recommends removing the Quicktime – they also list two known vulnerabilities in Quicktime that won’t be fixed since updates no longer occur.

Which computers should have this removed?

The only good answer is all.
All office computers.
Any personal use computers that may access the network either from “inside” the network, or by remoting into the network.
And yes, this is where you need to be proactive.
This is where you need to ensure your business associates, that access your network, remove Quicktime from their computers also.
For example, if your IT folks have the ability to remote into any of your computers, you need to ensure they follow this same guidance.
We know it is also common to have a billing person remote into networks to accomplish their tasks – once again, the computer from which they remote should also have Quicktime removed.

But I use a Mac.

Well, sure, as noted above, this is specifically for Quicktime for Windows.
Yet, you need to understand, if you are using a Mac as the hardware, but run Windows on the Mac, you still need to double check that Quicktime is not installed.
There are very few EHRs that are written for the Mac.
If you are using a Mac, chances are real good that you are running Windows on that Mac, so take a closer look at this issue.

Just being on Apple hardware does not free you up from Windows vulnerabilities.

Speaking of those using a Mac to run Windows, I am curious to hear what your reasoning for this is.  Along with this, I’d like to hear how you are running Windows on said Mac.

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