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A Boston Globe photographer Recently discovered at a recycling station tens of thousands of paper pathology records.

These records were from four community hospitals in Massachusetts and the pathology practices that are associated with these hospitals.

The hospitals involved are:

  • Carney Hospital
  • Holyoke Medical Center
  • Milford Regional Medical Center
  • Milton Hospital

The records were apparently dumped by the former owner of a billing company.
This person recently sold the billing company.

These records are from 2007 through 2010 and include all sorts of personal information.

So…no matter what you do, somebody else can screw you, right?

True, but compliance is a CYA situation.

If you are not doing everything you can to ensure your contractors are HIPAA compliant, you are falling short.

You should require from all of your contractors (billing, transcription, etc) proof of HIPAA compliance.

You should have an Associates Agreement with every contractor.

Are you going to be able to prevent every “what if” situation?


BUT…you better have your situation straight so when this happens to you & the regulators drop in to start pouring through your records, you can breathe easy.

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