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Does your office assign a business email to all of your employees?

If so, what is your office policy on the use of that email?

Sure, you might tell them it is for “official use only”…but what does that mean?

And…if you “told” them this vs. having it in a written policy…does it even matter?

Your office needs a rock-solid policy detailing what can and can’t be done with office email addresses.

Additionally, you need to make sure each employee signs a document of understanding?

Why is this important for office email addresses?

Phishing & Social Engineering are the reason.

If someone in your office uses their business email to make posts on Facebook or Twitter, or to buy something or even making a post on some blog, they can be opening your office to a lot of danger.

In Korea (yes, I know it isn’t the USA, but this is a good example) 50% of the users to a major website had data including the email address and cell phone number leaked.

This leak has caused an increase in SPAM, Phishing and text message spam to these users.

You need to ensure everyone in your office understands exactly what your office policy is for company email to ensure you minimize you business exposure to bigger problems.

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