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The Stage 1 Meaningful Use attestation deadline is right around the corner.

Eligible Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals must complete the 90 day attestation by the end of the federal fiscal year with ends September 30.  This means they must begin by July 3.  Then the attestation data must be input by November 30.

Eligible professionals (this means you physicians) don’t need to panic quite yet.  You have the good fortune of running on the calendar year.

October 3 is the last day you can start your 90 day reporting period.

IF you wait until October 3 to start, you are making a HUGE mistake.

If you figure you’ll just take care of this next year, which you can do, you are again making a HUGE mistake.


Quite simply, why wouldn’t you do this tracking for a 90 day period?

That is the easiest, simplest way to attest…rather than having to track the entire 365 days of 2012.

So, one more time, Stage 1 Meaningful Use Attestation deadline for:

  • Hospitals is July 3
  • Physicians is October 3

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