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Meaningful Use Stage 1 is not yet in the can, and the Stage 2 talks are already underway.

Word of caution – don’t get behind on this stuff, you’ll be digging yourself a deep hole.

As noted by Dr. Karen Bell in a survey, a number of meaningful use measure (objectives) were deemed too aggressive.

Fundamentally this may be true, but any EHR worth a dime should have every single meaningful use measure as a built in report.

More specifically, if you are looking at an EHR that does not make reporting MU a non-event, look elsewhere.

Every MU certified EHR should also have a Meaningful Use Dashboard that includes:

  • a quick view of where your office stands
  • a “forecast” of where you can expect to be by year end
  • Simple “green lights” signifying you have met(measurable)  requirements
  • A report formatted to simply filling out your meaningful use attestation form

Meaningful Use attestation should not be a chore for a practice, it should be a natural byproduct of proper work flows.

Realize this…your work flows are key to proper attestation – yes you need to be able to report properly, but if you work flows do not lend themselves to proper data gathering, then great reports will mean nothing.

A perfect example of this is e-prescribing.

I’m aware of some practices using a certain e-prescribe product who last year did not have enough prescriptions made to satisfy the requirements.  Actually, they did have enough, but because the software required the prescriptions to be logged in a specific way…and “nobody” was aware of this, these practices did not get their data correct.

This may sound crazy, but realize this: MU certified EHR does not equal Meaningful User.

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