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An interesting post come up raising the question of whether a 3rd party may accomplish your Meaningful Use Attestation for you (you being the physician).

The angle is partially pondering if attesting for docs may be a business model.

BUT, when you look at the CMS FAQ on this subject, you’ll see this interesting tidbit:

“Please be aware that currently EPs are not permitted to allow a practice manager or any other person to register in their place.”

Why is this interesting?

Mainly because I’m sure most physicians out there, in between seeing 15 to 20 patients a day, finishing patient “paperwork” and spending some time with their family, also have loads of time to deal with this red tape mess (yes, that is sarcasm).

Add to this quandary that your practice manager is probably spinning 6 plates at the end of sticks each day trying to accomplish all the things you have no time to deal with.

Quite frankly, IF you have a Meaningful Use certified EHR and IF that EHR is worth anything, all of the reporting requirements for Meaningful Use will have taken care of.

Work Flow

Your reporting requirements may be handled by your EHR, but work flow may be the biggest challenge.
You will need to build into your practice work flow the asking of many new questions…at every single visit.
This change to your work flows seems straight forward enough, and it is, but until you implement it and make it your new habit pattern…you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is either as big a deal as your new work flows, or slightly less…which is still a big deal.

The risk assessment mentioned in the Meaningful Use Core objectives is like a blooming flower.

This flower starts as a very small bud, then as it blossoms, it increases in size 300% to 400%.

The problem with this flower is… it STINKS!

This stink is like a skunk odor that doesn’t wash off.

How should you deal with this?

There are not too many answers out there…thought plenty of people like to talk about it as if they know.

My first suggestion is to look at this first…then you will start to see the light.

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