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Yep, we make no friends in an office when we suggest limiting internet traffic to official business websites only.

Right, that means no: Facebook, Pinterest, Yahoo, Amazon, Gmail, AOL and on….

Quite often we are asked, “Is this a HIPAA requirement?”

Well, no, not exactly.

But we are talking risk management here.

Our goal is to minimize the risk to your data, to minimize the cost of down time due to infected computers.

Is this smart computer security?  Yes.

Is this smart business?  Yes.

Recently, as seen on this scam tracking website, ad on Facebook were shown to trick users into installing malware by pretending they were software updates.

Another recent trend is for malware to encrypt data on computers then request a ransom to have the information decrypted.

Not only expensive, but time consuming, embarrassing and YES, this would be considered a data breach.

So, rather than find yourself wasting time and money because you didn’t want to upset your office  by cutting off Facebook, why don’t you make the smart business decision and limit access to business only websites from office computers.

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