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HDM reported that on April 6, 2011 the 5 major “delivery systems” have formed a new organization in which they will
“securely exchange among themselves data on shared patients”

The goal is to demonstrate better and safer care with data availability through standards-based electronic exchange, according to the organizations

That sure sounds like something I read in Dilbert recently.

What’s wrong with this?  As a physician…maybe not much.

As a patients, well….

One of the major tenets of moving all physicians to EHRs is to have better data exchange, right?
Yes…but there are a few things here that concern me.

  1. You can say “standards-based” until you are blue in the face.  How many different standards now exist for health information exchange? How many versions of each standard exists?  Every try to get two of the same standard (yet different versions) to actually talk to each other?
  2. Selling of de-identified data: Is this the real goal?  Are they asking for permission from each patient to sell their de-identified PHI?  If my de-identified data is sold, I should get a discount on my medical care.
  3. What happens if they screw up and get hacked?

Personal information is extremely valuable–just take a look at Google and more specifically Facebook.

There are companies that pay hundreds of dollars a month to physicians so they can place a server in the office that is scour that office’s EHR database and transmit de-identified data back to the monther ship.

You information is valuable.

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