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Remember these posters from World War II?

No, no…I don’t expect you around then, but you’ve probably seen a few of these, in fact I went out and found one.

It is not unusual to hear about somebody “tweeting” something they should not have.

In The Wall Street Journal, and article about an executive at Allstate caught my eye.
This “top executive”, he was the president of Allstate home & auto units, was let go (fired) because of remarks he made at a their “Leader’s Forum”.

No, not while on stage, but while having drinks with top agents.

Apparently Allstate had made some changes that he and other agents didn’t like and he allegedly said of the CEO, he’s a “f$%&ing A$$”.

First this led to an investigation by Allstate into what really happened, then this executive was fired.

At its most basic level, HIPAA is similar: Don’t Talk About Patients in Public.

As easy as that is to understand, many times this basic rule of thumb is not followed.

Training matters.

Knowing the rules matters.

Believe me, whether you called somebody a bad name vs. whether you talked about a patient in public…well, there is not comparison.

Make sure your office staff has the proper training, understands exactly what your policies are (and where they can find them) and be sure to hold everyone to the same standards.

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