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We frequently refer to your company computer policy.  This is the foundation by which your practice should operate day to day.

Meaningful Use requires your practice to have, among other things, a Sanction Policy and a Termination Policy.

The Wall Street Journal, on June 15,  contained an intereting article called Apple’s Retail Secrets.

Did you know that “Apple employees who are six minutes late in their shifts 3 times in six months…” are fired?

What is your Sanction policy?

Among other items, there is the mention of that, “…anyone caught writing about [Apple] on the internet is fired.”

Do you have a Social Media Policy for your practice?

I’m sure you don’t.

With Facebook, Twitter, and blogs everywhere, you staff can really put your practice in a bad situation if they have not guidance about their actions online.

The Sanction policy is something that everybody needs to be clear about and fully understand.

Additionally, it must be enforced or nobody will pay any attention to it.

Your computer policies are different than your HR policies…get them in order so you can reduce your risk in daily business operation

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