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This issue pops up at times when famous people enter the hospital.

Hospital staff can get a bit excited about the famous visitor…and the pull up some records that they have no business viewing.

This happened a number of years back with Madonna.

Now, after the high profile shooting that just happened in Arizona, something similar has happened.

When something like this happens, your practice will get scrutinized.

Not only is something like this a PR nightmare, but this type of incident screams “AUDIT ME NOW!

How do you protect your practice from this kind of disaster?

  • Proper staff training (annual HIPAA awareness training is a requirement)
  • A solid set of computer policies
    • Your company computer policies clarify your expectations…
    • You need to ensure proper compartmentalization of staff positions…
    • Clearly spelled out violations that will lead to termination.

“But all of this may not prevent somebody from doing something stupid…”

This is true, but remember, continual training will ensure your staff understands right from wrong.

Plus, realize that if something like this happens to your practice, there will be a swarm of investigators that descend on your office.  They will highlight every HIPAA policy you do not follow…then look out for the fines.

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