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What you should know about HIPAA 5010.

HIPAA 5010, more formally transaction code set 5010, or as it is officially called: Accredited Standards Committee X12 005010 Technical Report Type 3s, is something that your EHR/PM vendor needs to deal with, though there is a coding side to this that must also be addressed.

You should start, now, asking your EHR/PM vendor what their implementation plans are.

To really sound like you are up on this, you should say:

{EHR Vendor} what’s the time line for HIPAA 5010 Implementation?

then, follow up with:

That does include ICD-10, correct?

Finally, as you should always, always, ALWAYS do when talking to your EHR/PM vendor, ask this:

Will this upgrade require any additional hardware or upgrade to my current hardware?

Additionally you should contact your clearinghouse to see if they have any requirements of you for proper implementation.

On the coding side, there will be a need for training.

This new rule creates over 40 new Service Type Codes, and you need to ensure your staff understands how to properly code with these new options.

Of note – HIPAA 5010 will greatly increase the automated reporting of quality care & performance measures – you decide whether this is good or bad.

Bill Bysinger recently posted an article expanding on HIPAA 5010.

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