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Engadget reports that Google is shutting down Google Health.

This is/was a “service” that allowed you to give Google even more of your personal information.

Sure, it wasn’t enough that Google tracks “everything” you do online, now they wanted to know your intimate health secrets.

Hmm, but nobody used the service.

I wonder why?

Could be the same reason few seem to have much interest in a digital copy of their health records to carry around with them all the time?

Could it be the fact that YOU had to input all of your health data?

When I left the military, my paper health records were about 3 inches thick…and that was after 10 years.

People have shown they are comfortable giving up certain amounts of privacy to get something for free.

For example, it used to be that giving your demographic details, and maybe a few other interests was your “payment” to use that valuable service called Facebook.

Of course, that was before it was supported by advertising….

I think it was a big challenge for Google to show the value in pouring all of your personal medical history into THEIR system.

That was one more step toward Big Brother.

Though it may have been a valuable service to some, I’m not surprised it failed.

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