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Meaningful Use Stage 2 brings a variety of changes.

I’ll go over these is small segments over the next few months.

Right now the topic is what I considered to be a good deal.

It really was a loop hole that may not have been in Stage 1 Meaningful Use on purpose.

This good deal is how Meaningful Use Exclusions count as a completion.

To clarify this, IF you find yourself excluded from either a Core Item or Menu Item in Meaningful Use Stage 1, that item is considered as COMPLETE.

This is not a big deal on the Core Item side, but it is a huge deal on the Menu Item side.


Think about it for a second.  Let’s say you find that you are excluded from 3 Menu items.  Remember, an Exclusion counts as a COMPLETED item.  Surely you are going select these three menu items as part of the 5 you must select…right?  Why wouldn’t you choose these three?

You just reduced the effort required on your Menu Items by over 50%!!

Now you can see why “they” are taking this good deal away.

Anyhow, be sure to take this into account when you are planning your attestation for Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

Also, don’t forget, as many do, that you have to accomplish a Risk Analysis of your practice.  This must be accomplished at all locations where you conduct business…yes even if “only use that office 1 day a month”.

Topic: Meaningful Use Exclusions

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