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Do you remember our post about the Facebook Password scam?

It really doesn’t take much to trick people when it comes to computers.

The fancy word for this is “social engineering”.

This is another one of those reason why your office should ban access to all social media networks in your office.

Do you really want:

  • Your staff to be unproductive?
  • Your staff potentially infecting your computers & network?
  • Your staff to be a security risk?

Social media does all of these wonderful things and more.

The latest Facebook Scam is related to the new function of video calling feature as Skype is integrated into Facebook.

This latest scam is an “app” sent to users asking them to “activate” video calling.

The problem is, this is not the video calling feature.

It is merely an app someone created that, when you give it permission, gains access to all of your Facebook data and allows “them” to post to your wall anytime…nice.

Make sure your computer policy is clear on what staff is allowed to access online…our suggestion is always – No social networking from work.


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