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If there ever was an easy way to tell everything about yourself that nobody really wanted to hear…social media would be the way.

Facebook, being one of the top social media players, is a leader is making it way too easy for people to make public announcements…accidentally.

Everyone who does anything on a social media site needs to realize what they are doing is the equivalent of standing on a street corner with a bull horn.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal called “When the Most Personal Secrets Get Outed on Facebook” tells the story of a few individuals who had personal secrets to keep.

One person was keeping secret from his parents that he was gay…yet his father found out via Facebook.

Another person, who was on disability leave from work, posted pictures doing activities that did not back up the disability argument.
The disability support was immediately stopped.

The point of this article, and why I’m mentioning it is people treat social media like whispering to their best friend, and it couldn’t be more opposite!

You, as the employer and trainer of your staff need to ensure that everyone in your office understands what your office policy on social media is, and exactly what is expected of them.

Training need to be CLEAR on this.



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