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That is a pure genius headline.

Yet & others seem surprised.

The article above is focused on hospitals.

If hospitals don’t have the resources to setup EMRs correctly, who things a private practice does?

Well, we do actually, but only if you and your staff understand what to do properly.

It is like building a house.

  • You need a strong foundation (computer policies)…
  • You need everyone to understand this foundation (HIPAA Awareness training)…
  • You need everyone to follow the rules this foundation creates (HIPAA Awareness training & management setting the example – yes you Doctor)…
  • You need the right materials (secure the network, configure wireless correctly, data backup, etc)…
  • You need a plan if everything falls apart on you (Contingency Operations Plan).

Exactly what you need to do is laid out in the HIPAA regulations.

The sooner you accept you have to do this, the easier the process will be.

There are a lot of moving parts.  It is very complex, but we strive to simplify this for everyone.

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