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Data theft of medical records is on the rise and will continue.


A few reasons:

  1. Medical data contains lots of “goodies” for ID theft
  2. It’s not that hard to steal
    • Most medical practices don’t have solid privacy policies in place to follow (HIPAA  regulations)
  3. Since EHR’s are a growing tool, there is more data out there to steal

Point #2 is where the Doctor and medical practice really come in.

Let’s face it, most physicians don’t feel threatened by data theft, they don’t feel threatened by HIPAA fines and they just don’t think it will “happen to me”.

Let’s take a short look at some others that didn’t think it would happen to them:

Nope, none of these folks thought it would happen to them.

If you have proper HIPAA policies in your office, and follow these policies, plus if everyone has had proper HIPAA training, these things won’t happen to you.

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