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According to the Wall Street Journal, it looks like Eclinical Works has worked a deal with Dell and Sam’s Club to sell a budget priced EMR system.

Though they say this has been a work in progress for over a year, the fact that the “stimulus” bill has a plan to reimburse Doctors $40,000 on the low end, and the Sam’s EMR product is estimated to cost $25,000 initially.

There is no word on how many computers are involved here.

Having vast experience with Eclinical, we know that Eclinical does not charge differently based on the number of PC’s, but on the number of Providers (docs).

Additional costs?
Annual Maintenance: around $5000
Broad band in the office, additional PC’s, Scanners, plus about a dozen other items the Eclinical will try to upsell you on during a kickoff call.

This same article claims only 17% of medical offices use an EMR.

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