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A group called CHIME (College of Healthcare Information Management Executives) has…chimed in on meaningful use.

“CHIME believes that it would not be prudent to move to Stage 2 until about 30 percent of eligible hospitals and eligible providers have been able to demonstrate EHR MU under Stage 1,” according to a comment letter sent to federal officials. “We believe this approach would strike a reasonable balance between the desire to push EHR adoption and MU as quickly as possible, and the recognition that unreasonable expectations could end up discouraging EHR adoption if providers conclude that it will be essentially impossible for them to qualify for incentives.”

Since there is no actual start date of Meaningful Use stage 2, a delay is really not a delay.

What CHIME is saying is, let’s get this thing under control before you pile more requirements on us.

There is a lot of practicality to this.
Classic government regulation leads to ridiculous amounts of red tape, which is a nice way of saying, those idiot bureaucrats are no good at what they do, so they create too many rules so not many people will follow through.


Look at any program where the government give out money.
Most of these programs get scammed money is “stolen” from the programs.

Federal employees who work in the offices that oversee handing out the money are typically not any good at picking out what is real vs. what is fake.

SO, scammers can work the system.

Rather than make these folks that oversee these programs actually work, they create a maze (red tape) to follow.
Only those willing to put up with all the craziness and follow that maze to the end will get the cheese (your money).

Hence Meaningful Use Stage 1 Core requirements.

If you want your $19,000 -ish hunk of cheese…start walking through this maze…just realize, it will be a lot of work…and frustrating.

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