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How important is your EHR data…to you?

How would your practice operate tomorrow if your server did not start?

Remember, anymore, even though we refer to the system at an “EHR” it has also taken over the Practice Management (PM) role, too.

Back when you felt you were “electronic” you were just using a PM.  Of course, when all your system did was handle the money, it was quite easy to calculate an ROI.

I ask this question because there is no doubt your data is extremely important to the daily operation of your practice.

BUT – where do you have your server located?

We have reviewed hundreds of Meaningful Use Risk Assessments and in well over 95% of these, the server that contains all the important information for the practice is located in the cleaning closet or storage closet.

Does this make sense?

Potentially the most important machine in your practice wasn’t even given a second thought for its location.

Practically every one of these did not have a locked door, nor the ability to lock the door – anyone can walk up to the server and accidentally spill cleaning supplies on it, or bump it with the rolling trash can.

Ventilation in the server room is also important.  A server puts out a lot of heat, and even in the winter, the room in which the server resides should be cooled.

If nothing else, think about how many thousands of dollars you spent on the server hardware and how you’d like that to last more than just a few years.

It is time to start treating your server like the business critical machine that it is, rather than treating it like a toaster oven.

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